Peculiar Loss Protection Is Not So Strange After All

In contemporary American society, the national slogan might as well be “Don’t hesitate – litigate.” Consequently, people now seek previously unheard-of protection against liability for all manner of real and imaginary wrongs. Insurers have adjusted accordingly with a wide range of highly irregular innovations.

Pet Insurance

Once a rarity, pet insurance is now relatively commonplace. Pet lovers cherish their animal companions as highly as they do human family. Veterinary bills, bite liability, and compensation in the event of a beloved pet’s demise are standard features of pet insurance policies. Coverage is often available for less than $10 per month.

Body Parts Coverage

Insurance for particularly valuable body parts has long been popular among celebrities. Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham both carry high-limit coverage on their most prized “assets,” for instance. In typical fashion, the public is following suit. Athletes, musicians, and professional chefs are insuring their feet, legs, or hands with increasing frequency.

Such coverage may seem superfluous and vain. In fact, it is quite prudent. How can a professional drummer or saxophonist function without two hands? What good is a chef who no longer has two feet to support them while standing over hot stoves or ovens?

Baldness Insurance

Celebrities and high-profile actors with public images to maintain often have hair loss insurance. Visible aging is very injurious to their careers. Tom Jones and Troy Polamalu are just two notable examples of hair loss policyholders.

Weight Gain

Like those of balding colleagues, maintaining the right body image can literally make or break slim celebrities. Weight gain policies pay a lump-sum benefit if the insured’s body weight exceeds a pre-set limit. Insurers balance policyholder self interests against unavoidable weight gain due to health issues in tipping the scales of premium rates solidly in their favor.

Prize Winner Insurance

Winning a substantial sum in a contest or a similar context is usually a desirable occurrence. For event promoters and sponsors, however, jackpot payoffs can cause pecuniary devastation. Thus, promotional organizers commonly obtain coverage that reimburses top prize payouts. Benefits are payable only if someone actually wins the prize.